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Identity - people, places, products

Imense was first to implement OCR on handheld devices and smartphones to read a variety of ID documents. We offer SDKs in three main areas:

First mobile MRZ Reading ‐ Imense technology can achieve 100% accuracy on reading the MRZ (machine readable zone) fields found in Passports, national and international ID cards and Driving Licenses.

Driving license ‐ European Driving Licenses are standardised but have different fonts and data layouts. Imense can read formats from most European countries, enabling automated solutions for applications such as identity verification and check-in.

PDF417 ‐ Imense supplies SDKs to read North American PDF417 formats standardised by AAMVA (American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators). PDF417 barcodes represent the human readable descriptions on the front of the License.

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