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Web Demos of Imense Technology

Imense is a leading supplier of OCR technology for ALPR/ANPR, VIN reading, PDF417 and OCR or pattern spotting components.
Our software is primarily C++ but this can readily be compiled into WebAssembly and will run locally in a browser.
Below is a short series of web demos of our technology, all running as client side JavaScript.

OCR demo
Imense has developed world leading pattern recognition and matching technology.
The primary use of this technology is fast OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for mobile devices.
The demo is of a language independent OCR engine operating on a range of fixed fonts.
Because the OCR engine is directly font based it is easy to add additional fonts or glyphs without the need for expensive re-training.
The OCR demo is entirely client side JacaScript and will take images form your WebCam or from your computer.

ALPR demo
Imense ALPR is widely deployed on mobile devices. We have license plate recognition technology for European and USA style license plates.
The web demo is for USA style license plates and uses input form a web-cam.

Highway sign reader
Imense has a dedicated highway signage reader.
Fixed fonts and glyphs are idealy suited to the Imense's shape recognition technology. Assumptions about the geometry of highway signs allow a very fast reader to be built.
The Highway glyph demo is entirely client side JacaScript and will take images from your computer or web cam.

PDF417 demo
Imense offers a PDF417 reader and driver's license OCR engine that will output JSON formatted fields for autom\ ated check in of clients.
The enigne runs entirely client side so there are no GDPR concerns associated with use of the third party web services.

Point to Point speed estimator demo
Imense offers a point to point speed estimator That processed the license plate CSV files produced buy or Andoid and iOS apps.

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