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First affordable mobile ANPR / ALPR

ANPR (ALPR - Automatic License Plate Recognition in North America) was previously the exclusive domain of expensive roadside and car-mounted cameras, needing specialist equipment, complex software and customised installation.

Imense has revolutionised ANPR / ALPR, and our technology is used extensively by Police, Security and Parking professionals throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

We have products for Android, iOS and Windows platforms, enabling a broad spectrum of devices to implement ANPR / ALPR ‐ from mobile phones through to servers and cloud based systems. We offer support through software integrators who incorporate our technology in their applications, delivering major operational productivity increases for their customers.

Mobile ANPR / ALPR

Imense was first to have optimised ANPR / ALPR for the unique challenges faced by handheld devices using standard cameras built into smartphones and mobile devices.

Mobile ANPR / ALPR is designed to cope with camera shake, highly variable image quality, and oblique angles. We offer two main solutions:

ANPR /ALPR SDK ‐ from a single still or video image containing a vehicle registration plate, we return the best interpretation of every character together with individual confidence levels. The software integrator takes it from there.

ANPR / ALPR Platform ‐ this advanced option for Android software integrators provides a complete ANPR / ALPR infrastructure to handle all the common data capture, alerting and editing functions, allowing the integrator to deploy ANPR / ALPR applications in days. The Platform is common for Static, Mobile and Car-mounted ANPR / ALPR applications.

Static ANPR / ALPR

An extension of Platform, we provide facilities to connect external long focal length or zoom lenses, and to switch between external and built in android cameras.

Car-mounted ANPR / ALPR

A further extension of Platform, we provide facilities to accelerate the ANPR processing rate, and optimise video resolution.

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